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Cheek itch and Itchy scalp and Scabs and Scaly skin in elderly
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Results: Causes of Cheek itch AND Itchy scalp AND Scabs AND Scaly skin in elderly

    1. Eczema
     Eczema is a chronic skin condition characterized by skin inflammation and irritation. The severity of extent of the condition is highly variable. It may be caused by allergies, irritants or other factors such as more »

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Results: Causes of Cheek itch OR Itchy scalp OR Scabs OR Scaly skin in elderly

    1. Basal cell carcinoma
     Basal cell carcinoma is a slow-growing form of skin cancer....more »
    2. Cellulitis
     Inflammation of skin or subcutaneous tissues....more »
    3. Chickenpox
     Common viral infection....more »
    4. Child abuse
     Physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect of child....more »
    5. Cholestasis disease of pregnancy
     A liver condition that can occur usually in the last stage of pregnancy. The flow of bile in the gallbladder or liver is impaired by the high levels of pregnancy hormones. The bile acids build up in the organs and then enter the bloodstream. The main symp...more »
    6. Chronic Kidney Disease
     Long-term and generally irreversible disease of the kidneys due to infection, obstruction, congenital diseases or generalised diseases causing failure of the kidneys' normal functions....more »
    7. Cold sores
     Skin cores on the skin, face, or lips....more »
    8. Contact dermatitis
     Skin reaction to an irritant...more »
    9. Cradle Cap
     Common scalp condition in babies...more »
    10. Dandruff
     White flaking and dryness of the scalp....more »
    11. Eczema
     Eczema is a chronic skin condition characterized by skin inflammation and irritation. The severity of extent of the condition is highly variable. It may be caused by allergies, irritants or other factors such as stress....more »
    12. Head lice
     Small lice infesting the hair and head....more »
    13. Heat rash
     Skin rash due to hot and humid weather...more »
    14. Hives
     Weals on the skin due to an allergic reaction....more »
    15. Impetigo
     Contagious skin rash from bacteria...more »
    16. Kerion celsi
     A parasitic fungal skin infection that tends to occur mainly on the back of the neck, scalp or beard. It is caused by animal fungi. The condition resolves itself in a matter of weeks but hair loss in the affected area may be permanent....more »
    17. Leishmaniasis
     A rare infectious disease caused by any of a number of parasitic Leishmania species. Infection can cause any of three different manifestations: cutaneous leishmaniasis, mucosal leishmaniasis and visceral leishmaniasis....more »
    18. Lice
     A parasitic insect that can infect humans...more »
    19. Lichen planus
     Skin rash...more »
    20. Lichen simplex chronicus
     Lichen simplex chronicus refers to thickened itchy skin that results from persistently rubbing or scratching an area of skin....more »
    21. Lupus
     Autoimmune disease with numerous effects on various organs and linings....more »
    22. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
     A type of lymphoma, a cancer affecting lymph nodes and the immune system....more »
    23. Obstructive biliary disease
     A disease process that causes obstruction or blockage in one of the bile ducts which are vessels that carry bile from the liver to the digestive system or gallbladder. Diseases that can cause such obstructions includes tumors, gallstones, parasites, bile ...more »
    24. Pemphigus Vulgaris
     A severe autoimmune skin disease characterized by blistering of the skin including the mucous membranes inside the mouth and esophagus....more »
    25. Peripheral vascular disease
     Disease of arteries supplying the legs or sometimes arms...more »
    26. Psoriasis
     Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition where the defective immune system causes skin cells to grow rapidly. It affects a significant number of people. Arthritis, which can be severe, is associated with the psoriasis in up to a third of cases. Not all...more »
    27. Scabies
     Mite infection of the skin common in institutions....more »
    28. Shingles
     Infectious viral infection occuring years after chickenpox infection....more »
    29. Sjogren's Syndrome
     Autoimmune disease damaging the eye tear ducts and other glands....more »
    30. Soap allergy
     An immune-mediated reaction to exposure to soap. Soap allergy tends to be more common in children and symptoms can vary in nature and severity....more »
    31. Sunburn
     Any injury to the skin caused by the ultraviolet rays caused by the sun...more »
    32. Tinea
     A general term for various fungal skin afflictions; often incorrectly called ringworm....more »
    33. Varicose veins
     Enlarged blue veins, usually in the legs....more »
    34. Woodhouse Sakati syndrome
     A condition which consists of numerous symptoms such as diabetes, hypogonadism, deafness and mental retardation...more »
    35. Xerotic eczema
     Xerotic eczema is a chronic skin condition characterized by very dry patches of skin. The condition is usually triggered by environments which have low humidity such as during winter - this causes the skin to become excessively dry....more »

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