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Itching skin and Pancreas symptoms
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Itching skin and Pancreas symptoms

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Results: Causes of Itching skin AND Pancreas symptoms

    1. Acid-Base Imbalance
     A disruption to the normal acid-base equilibrium in the body. There are four main groups of disorder involving an acid-base imbalance: respiratory acidosis or alkalosis and metabolic acidosis or alkalosis. Obviously the severity of symptoms is determined more »
    2. Acinic cell carcinoma
     A usually slow-growing malignant tumor that that can occur in various parts of the body but is most often found in the pancreas, salivary glands, palate and upper lip. Symptoms are determined by the size and location of the more »
    3. Alagille Syndrome
     A genetic disorder affecting the liver and characterized by the absence of some or all of the liver bile ducts that transport bile within the more »
    4. Biliary cirrhosis
     Biliary cirrhosis is a condition where the bile ducts are unable to transport bile effectively due to blockage, inflammation, scarring or some other damage to the bile ducts. The condition may result from such things as congenital defect of the bile more »
    5. Chemical poisoning -- 1,3-Dichloropropene
     1,3-Dichloropropene is a chemical used in solvents and soil fumigants for nematode control. The type and severity of symptoms varies depending on the amount of chemical involved and the nature of the more »
    6. Chemical poisoning -- Manganese
     Manganese is a chemical used mainly in fertilizers, welding rods, matches, electrical coils, ceramics and animal food additives. Ingestion and other exposures to the chemical can cause various symptoms. The type and severity of symptoms varies depending more »
    7. Chromosome 18p minus syndrome
     A rare genetic disorder where a portion of the genetic material from the short arm of chromosome18 is missing. The symptoms or severity may vary somewhat between more »
    8. Chromosome 18q, partial deletion
     A rare chromosomal disorder involving deletion of genetic material from the long arm of chromosome 18. The type and severity of symptoms are determined by the amount and location of the lost genetic more »
    9. Hemochromatosis
     Excess of iron leading to problems with joints, liver, heart and more »
    10. Hyperparathyroidism
     Increased secretion of parathyroid hormone from the parathyroid more »

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Results: 1301 causes of Itching skin OR Pancreas symptoms

    1. 18p minus syndrome
     A rare chromosomal disorder where a portion of chromosome 18 is missing which is characterized by mental and growth deficiencies, drooping upper eyelid and prominent ears. The type and severity of symptoms is determined by the amount of genetic material t...more »
    2. 3-Hydroxyacyl-CoA Dehydrogenase II Deficiency
     A rare genetic disorder involving the deficiency of an enzyme (hydroxyacyl-coa dehydrogenase). The severity of the symptoms is highly variable with some cases resulting in death during the first decade while others suffer psychomotor and regression. Sympt...more »
    3. Abalone poisoning
     Abalone are a shellfish that are commonly eaten by humans. The internal organs of the abalone sometimes contain toxins which can cause various symptoms. The toxins are believed to originate from toxic components in the abalones diet....more »
    4. Abdominal obesity metabolic syndrome
     A syndrome characterized by a group of conditions that are considered major risk factors for diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease....more »
    5. Abetalipoproteinemia
     A rare disorder involving abnormalities in fat metabolism. The resulting insufficiency of fats and vitamins affect the normal development and function of the body....more »
    6. Acanthocheilonemiasis
     Infection with a nematode called Mansonella....more »
    7. Acanthocytosis
     A rare disorder where most of the red blood cells are abnormal with spiny projections due to lipid abnormalities. The blood abnormality is seen in conditions such as abetalipoproteinemia, severe liver disease and severe malnutrition. Symptoms and prognosi...more »
    8. Acanthosis nigricans muscle cramps acral enlargement
     A rare syndrome characterized mainly by muscle cramps, dark velvety patches of skin and large hands and feet....more »
    9. Acanthosis nigricans, malignant
     The development of skin lesions which signify the presence of malignancies - especially tumors of the gut. Patches of dry, rough bumpy skin become discolored and thickened. Mucosal tissue (inside the mouth and lips) is also often involved....more »
    10. Accutane -- Teratogenic Agent
     There is strong evidence to indicate that the use of Accutane during pregnancy may cause a teratogenic effect on the fetus. A teratogen is a substance that can cause birth defects. The likelihood and severity of defects may be affected by the level of exp...more »

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