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Burning feet and Chronic pain when walking and Ulcer
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Results: Causes of Burning feet AND Chronic pain when walking AND Ulcer

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Results: 55 causes of Burning feet OR Chronic pain when walking OR Ulcer

    1. Alcohol abuse
     Excessive use of alcohol ranging from binge drinking to severe alcoholism...more »
    2. Alcoholism
     Alcoholism is the compulsive urge to drink alcohol despite knowing the negative impact on one's health....more »
    3. Athlete's foot
     Fungal skin condition typically of feet or toes....more »
    4. Basal cell carcinoma
     Basal cell carcinoma is a slow-growing form of skin cancer....more »
    5. Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann disease
     A rare disease where inflammatory granular nodules form in various organs....more »
    6. Buerger's disease
     Buergers's disease is a recurring inflammation and thrombosis (clotting) of small and medium arteries and veins of the hands and feet...more »
    7. Burns
     Injury from burns and scalds....more »
    8. Cancer
     Abnormal overgrowth of body cells....more »
    9. Chemical burn -- ingestion
     Burns to the mouth and gastrointestinal system caused by swallowing a chemical. Symptoms vary depending on the type, quantity and strength of the chemical involved as well as the duration of the exposure to the chemical and promptness of treatment measure...more »
    10. Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
     A rare disorder involving swelling of nerve roots and destruction of the protective layer around nerves. Severe symptoms can take up to a year or more to develop....more »
    11. Chronic Kidney Disease
     Long-term and generally irreversible disease of the kidneys due to infection, obstruction, congenital diseases or generalised diseases causing failure of the kidneys' normal functions....more »
    12. Chronic Myeloproliferative Disorders
     A group of blood cancers where excessive numbers of blood cells are made by overactive or cancerous bone marrow. The number of excess blood cells tends to grow slowly. Examples of such disorders includes chronic myelogenous leukemia, polycythemia vera and...more »
    13. Claudication pain
     Pain that occurs in the legs when walking or exercising. It is usually the result of circulation problems which affects the flow of blood to the leg muscles. In severe cases, the pain may persist even when the patient is inactive....more »
    14. Common cold
     A cold is a relatively minor contagious infection of the nose and throat that can be caused by a number of different viruses (e.g. rhinoviruses, coronaviruses). There are over 200 different viruses that have the potential to cause the common cold. Althoug...more »
    15. Cutaneous Anthrax
     A skin infection caused by the spores of the anthrax bacteria called Bacillus anthracis. The infection occurs when the spores enter broken skin and result in a small red bump which blisters. The blister ruptures and forms a dark scab over dead tissue....more »
    16. Deep vein thrombosis
     Blood clot in vein, often in calf muscle vein in the leg....more »
    17. Diabetic neuropathy
     Nerve damage from diabetes affecting any body part; most commonly feet....more »
    18. Erythromelalgia
     A rare disorder characterized by periods of burning pain, redness and warmth in the feet and hands....more »
    19. Foot injury
     Any injury to the foot...more »
    20. Gardner-Morrisson-Abbot syndrome
     A rare syndrome characterized by thrombocytopenia and various other abnormalities present at birth....more »
    21. Gout
     Painful joints, most commonly the big toe....more »
    22. Graves Disease
     is an autoimmune disease characterized by hyperthyroidism due to circulating autoantibodies. Thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulins (TSIs) bind to and activate thyrotropin receptors, causing the thyroid gland to grow and the thyroid follicles to increase syn...more »
    23. HIV/AIDS
     HIV is a sexually transmitted virus and AIDS is the progressive immune failure that HIV causes....more »
    24. Hereditary amyloidosis
     An inherited form of amyloidosis which is characterized by a build up of the protein amyloid in tissues and organs. This form of amyloidosis tends to affect mainly the nervous system and gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms are determined by the size and loca...more »
    25. Hypertension
     High blood pressure...more »
    26. Intermittent Claudication
     Calf muscle pain from walking...more »
    27. Kidney failure
     Total failure of the kidneys to filter waste...more »
    28. Lead poisoning
     A type of heavy metal poisoning caused by excessive exposure to lead....more »
    29. Leprosy
     A chronic, progressive infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae which causes skin sores and also affects the eyes, mucous membranes and peripheral nerves....more »
    30. Leukemia
     Cancer of the blood cells, usually white blood cells....more »
    31. Lipodermatosclerosis
     A rare condition that affects the skin above the ankles. It tends to occur in people with chronic vein problems which affects the blood flow the this area of skin. The skin becomes smooth, brown, tight and painful....more »
    32. Liver failure
     Acute liver failure (ALF) is an uncommon condition in which the rapid deterioration of liver function results in coagulopathy and alteration in the mental status of a previously healthy individual....more »
    33. Lupus
     Autoimmune disease with numerous effects on various organs and linings....more »
    34. Lymphoma
     Cancer involving lymph nodes and the immune system....more »
    35. Multiple Myeloma
     A rare malignant cancer that occurs in the bone marrow. More common in skull, spine, rib cage, pelvis and legs....more »
    36. Nicotine addiction
     Nicotine addiction is the uncontrollable desire to continue smoking. Smoking products contain nicotine which is a chemical that can lead to addiction if used over a period of time. Cessation causes withdrawal symptoms which can vary in nature and severity...more »
    37. Osler-Vaquez disease
     An uncommon chronic blood disease involving an increased red blood cell count....more »
    38. Palate cancer
     Any cancer that is located anatomically on the palate of the mouth...more »
    39. Peripheral neuropathy
     Peripheral neuropathy is the term for damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which may be caused either by diseases of the nerve or from the side-effects of systemic illness....more »
    40. Plague
     A rare but serious bacterial infection involving the bacterium Yersinia Pestis which can be carried by rodents and transmitted to humans by flea bites or through direct contact with an infected animal....more »
    41. Polyarteritis nodosa
     A serious blood vessel disease where small and medium-sized arteries become swollen and damaged and are unable to adequately supply oxygenated blood to various tissues in the body. The disease can occur in a mild form or a serious, rapidly fatal form....more »
    42. Polycythemia rubra
     An uncommon chronic blood disease involving an increased production of red blood cells by the bone marrow. The production of platelets and white blood cells may also be increased....more »
    43. Pyoderma Gangrenosum
     A rare inflammatory skin disorder characterized by small red bumps or blisters which eventually become ulcerated....more »
    44. Raynaud's phenomenon
     Blood vessel constriction attacks affecting fingers and/or toes....more »
    45. Sciatica
     Sciatica is a set of symptoms including pain that may be caused by general compression and/or irritation of one of five nerve roots that give rise to the sciatic nerve, or by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve itself....more »
    46. Scleroderma, systemic
     A rare autoimmune connective tissue disease where the body attacks parts of the body and causes scarring and thickness of the tissue. In the systemic form, the skin and organs are involved....more »
    47. Squamous Cell Skin Cancer
     Aggressive skin cancer arising due to sun exposure; lesions are locally invasive to surrounding tissues and may metastasise...more »
    48. Stroke
     Serious brain event from bleeding or blood clots....more »
    49. Syphilis -- Teratogenic Agent
     There is strong evidence to indicate that the development of Syphilis during pregnancy may have a teratogenic effect on the fetus. A teratogen is a substance that can cause birth defects. The likelihood and severity of defects may be affected by the stage...more »
    50. Tertiary syphilis
     A condition which is characterized by late generalized syphilis with involvement of many organs and tissues...more »
    51. Tetany
     Sensation changes and muscle symptoms from low blood calcium...more »
    52. Vaquez disease
     An uncommon chronic blood disease involving an increased red blood cell count....more »
    53. Vasculitis
     Inflammation of a blood or lymph vessel...more »
    54. Vitamin B12 Deficiency
     A deficiency of Vitamin B12 primarily causes anemias the body is unable to make sufficient quantities of normal red blood cells. Severe cases can lead to permanent nervous system problems. The vitamin B12 deficiency can result from absorption problems, in...more »
    55. Woodhouse Sakati syndrome
     A condition which consists of numerous symptoms such as diabetes, hypogonadism, deafness and mental retardation...more »

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