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Blisters and Leg rash
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Blisters and Leg rash


Leg rash:

Results: Causes of Blisters AND Leg rash

    1. Contact dermatitis
     Skin reaction to an more »
    2. Dermatitis
     General name for any type of skin more »
    3. Eczema
     Eczema is a chronic skin condition characterized by skin inflammation and irritation. The severity of extent of the condition is highly variable. It may be caused by allergies, irritants or other factors such as more »
    4. Erysipelas
     A severe streptococcal bacterial infection where infection spreads from the skin to tissue underneath. The face and extremities are the usual sites more »
    5. Erythema multiforme
     An allergic inflammatory skin disorder which has a variety of causes and results in skin and mucous membrane lesions that affect mainly the hands, forearms, feet, mouth nose and more »
    6. Psoriasis
     Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition where the defective immune system causes skin cells to grow rapidly. It affects a significant number of people. Arthritis, which can be severe, is associated with the psoriasis in up to a third of cases. Not more »
    7. Scabies
     Mite infection of the skin common in more »
    8. Tinea
     A general term for various fungal skin afflictions; often incorrectly called more »

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Results: 367 causes of Blisters OR Leg rash

    1. Abalone poisoning
     Abalone are a shellfish that are commonly eaten by humans. The internal organs of the abalone sometimes contain toxins which can cause various symptoms. The toxins are believed to originate from toxic components in the abalones diet....more »
    2. Acne Vulgaris
     Another term for the common skin disorder called acne. Acne may occur just about anywhere on the body but is most common on the face, neck and back. The condition may be mild with just a few small spots or severe where large painful cysts develop. Acne ge...more »
    3. Acrodermatitis Enteropathica
     A rare inherited malabsorption disorder where the body is unable to absorb zinc in adequate quantities....more »
    4. Adverse reaction to chemical -- 1,2-Dibromoethane
     1,2-Dibromoethane is a chemical used in gasoline, soil fumigants, fire extinguishers, flue gases and mechanical gauge fluid. Excessive exposure to this chemical can cause serious symptoms. The severity of symptoms varies amongst patients....more »
    5. African milk bush poisoning
     The African milk bush originated from African and is a shrubby plant with small flowers. The milky sap contains diterpene esters which can cause symptoms if it is eaten or if the sap comes into contact with the skin or eyes. It can cause severe skin irrit...more »
    6. Allergic contact dermatitis
     An allergic contact dermatitis is where the body's immune system causes a skin reaction in response to direct contact with an allergen. Symptoms usually only affect the skin directly in contact with the allergen but in severe cases, symptoms may spread ar...more »
    7. Aquagenous Urticaria
     An allergy to water. The condition is extremely rare with sufferers developing hives within 15 minutes of contact with water. Patients may even react to their own sweat and tears on their skin. A special foam may be rubbed regularly into the skin to previ...more »
    8. Asian Dendorlimus pini caterpillar poisoning
     A chronic illness caused by contact with certain a poisonous caterpillar called Dendorlimus pini. Contact with the cocoon can also cause symptoms. These caterpillars can be found in Asia, north Africa and eastern Europe....more »
    9. Asparagus Fern poisoning
     The asparagus fern is a slightly woody plant with a fern-like foliage. It has yellow-green fruit and bright red berries. The plant originated in South Arica. Skin contact with the plant sap can result in skin irritation and eating the berries can cause ga...more »
    10. Asparagus berry overdose
     The asparagus plant has bright red berries which can cause skin and gastrointestinal problems which are relatively minor and short-lived. The young shoots of the asparagus plant can also cause problems....more »

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