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Bladder symptoms and Blisters
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Bladder symptoms and Blisters

Bladder symptoms:


Results: Causes of Bladder symptoms AND Blisters

    1. Baneberry poisoning
     Baneberries are toxic and can cause a skin reaction on contact or various poisoning more »
    2. Caterpillar complication poisoning
     The spines on certain caterpillars can cause a skin reaction as well as systemic symptoms if ingested. The nature of the symptoms vary depending on the species of caterpillar involved. Some only produce skin reactions whereas others can produce systemic more »
    3. Chemical poisoning -- Benzene
     Benzene is a chemical used mainly in gasoline fuel and as an industrial solvent. The type and severity of symptoms varies depending on the amount of chemical involved and the nature of the more »
    4. Chemical poisoning -- acetic acid
     Acetic acid is a chemical used for medicinal purposes such as superficial ear infections, jellyfish stings and bladder irrigation. Acetic acid is a also a component of vinegar which is used as a cooking ingredient. The type and severity of symptoms more »
    5. Epidermolysis bullosa
     A group of rare inherited skin diseases characterized by fragile skin which forms blisters with even minor injuries. The blisters can be painful and can occur anywhere on the skin and even inside the digestive more »
    6. Genital herpes
     Sexually transmitted infection of the genital more »
    7. Paragonimiases -- lung infection
     Infection by a parasitic worm, Paragonimus westermani, which are a type of lung fluke which invade the lungs and other organs where they cause problems. Infection occurs through eating freshwater crabs and crayfish which have not been cooked more »
    8. Porphyria
     A group of disorders characterized by excess production of porphyrin or its precursors which affects the skin and/or nervous more »
    9. Red Whelk poisoning
     Red Whelk are colorful, carnivorous snail found mainly in Britain and Japan. The salivary gland of some whelks contains tetramine which can cause symptoms in humans if eaten. Raw, cooked or canned whelk can cause poisoning. Red whelk have the highest more »
    10. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
     A rare but serious condition involving inflammation and blistering of the skin and mucous membranes. It is believed to be an allergic reaction that can occur in response to some drugs or infectious more »

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Results: 1318 causes of Bladder symptoms OR Blisters

    1. Abalone poisoning
     Abalone are a shellfish that are commonly eaten by humans. The internal organs of the abalone sometimes contain toxins which can cause various symptoms. The toxins are believed to originate from toxic components in the abalones diet....more »
    2. Abuse dwarfism syndrome
     Retarded growth, intelligence and social behavior due to child abuse. The child abuse can take the form of mental or physical cruelty or neglect....more »
    3. Acanthocytosis
     A rare disorder where most of the red blood cells are abnormal with spiny projections due to lipid abnormalities. The blood abnormality is seen in conditions such as abetalipoproteinemia, severe liver disease and severe malnutrition. Symptoms and prognosi...more »
    4. Accelerated hypertension
     Accelerated hypertension is a condition characterized by a rapid increase in blood pressure. The condition is a medical emergency which can cause organ damage if not treated promptly....more »
    5. Aceruloplasminemia
     A rare, recessively inherited neurodegenerative disorder characterized by a lack of ceruloplasmin in the blood. The lack of ceruloplasmin results in abnormal iron use in the body and leads to iron deposits in various body tissues such as the brain, pancre...more »
    6. Acid-Base Imbalance
     A disruption to the normal acid-base equilibrium in the body. There are four main groups of disorder involving an acid-base imbalance: respiratory acidosis or alkalosis and metabolic acidosis or alkalosis. Obviously the severity of symptoms is determined ...more »
    7. Acne Vulgaris
     Another term for the common skin disorder called acne. Acne may occur just about anywhere on the body but is most common on the face, neck and back. The condition may be mild with just a few small spots or severe where large painful cysts develop. Acne ge...more »
    8. Acquired angioedema
     A rare disorder characterized by recurring episodes of swelling of parts of the skin or mucous membranes. Sometimes internal organs may be involved. The disorder occurs in patients with lymphoproliferative or autoimmune disorders which result in the dysfu...more »
    9. Acquired angioedema, type 1
     A rare disorder characterized by recurring episodes of swelling of parts of the skin or mucous membranes. Sometimes internal organs may be involved. The disorder occurs in patients with lymphoproliferative disorders which affects the function of a complex...more »
    10. Acquired angioedema, type 2
     A rare disorder characterized by recurring episodes of swelling of parts of the skin or mucous membranes. Sometimes internal organs may be involved. Type 2 is an autoimmune disorder where patients develop autoantibodies which destroy the function of C1 es...more »

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